100 Thieves Signs Boostio: VCT Roster Complete!

The VALORANT scene has been full of rumors, and guess what? The worst kept secret is now public! “Boostio” Pupello, the leader of the Evil Geniuses VALORANT squad, is no longer locked up under a contract. Where does he want to go? Right into the arms of 100 Thieves for the VCT season of 2024. Let’s look into this exciting news!

Over 100 thieves come to Boostio aid in his big escape.

Boostio is no longer involved with the Evil Geniuses contract drama. This comes after weeks of rumors and months of keeping us on the edge of our seats. It’s kind of like an escape room game, and 100 Thieves swooped in as the heroes to finish their VALORANT roster for the next VCT season.

The Killer Squad: The Dynamic Squad of 100 Thieves

Keep your game faces on, because 100 Thieves is putting together a dream team! Cryocells, Asuna, bang, and the newest member, eeiu, are all working together with Boostio. This group is full of talented people who are ready to take over the VALORANT world. It’s like the Avengers in video games, and we can’t wait to see them fight.

Making Up for the Lack: Boostio Part in the Team

Boostio steps in just at the right time to fill the short-term void that NaturE left. NaturE filled in for Red Bull Home Ground in November, but now Boostio is in charge. Coming together as a team is getting stronger, and 100 Thieves is becoming a formidable opponent in the VCT arena.

The 100 Thieves’ Power Move is to protect Boostio

100 Thieves’s move is a strong one! Boostio used to be the in-game leader for Evil Geniuses. He now joins the 100 Thieves camp and brings his tactical brilliance and strategic mind with him. It’s not enough to just “frag out.” You have to make smart moves and beat your opponents. Watch out, other VCT teams!

“A Gamer’s Journey: Boostio’s Move to 100 Thieves”

For Boostio, this is the start of a new part of his gaming life. He’s leaving the stress of the contract behind and entering the exciting world of 100 Thieves. Everyone on the team is a gaming giant, so it’s not just a team. Everything is coming together for Boostio and 100 Thieves: their skill, their desire to win SLOTBANGJAGO, and their friendship.

Things to Look Forward To: The 2024 VCT Season

With Boostio now in the mix, the 2024 VCT season has become much more exciting. The artists that 100 Thieves has put together are sure to make waves, and fans can’t wait. This team is getting ready to put on some unforgettable VALORANT action, with jaw-dropping plays and crucial moments.

To sum up, 100 Thieves’ VALORANT Dream Team is a Go!

So there you have it, game fans! It’s the end of Boostio’s journey from the Evil Geniuses saga to the friendly arms of 100 Thieves. The VALORANT team is fully loaded and ready to take the lead. Get ready for a wild ride of feelings and epic gaming moments, because the 100 Thieves dream team is now real.

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