Coffee and Food Carnival. A vibrant weekend coffee-themed extravaganza is underway, drawing in scores of boutique coffee shops, street food vendors, snack stands, and beverage pop-ups. 

The Shanghai Coffee & Food Carnival, spanning from October 28 to 30, unfolds its charm at the bustling downtown Shanghai Exhibition Center. This gathering brings together top coffee chain stores, specialty coffee purveyors, dairy companies, and offers a diverse lineup of activities spanning three delightful days.

Celebrating Coffee Mastery

Adding to the festivity, the sixth edition of the “Bright Diary” Shanghai Coffee Master Cup has successfully concluded, featuring 30 contestants in the final showdown. This competition not only celebrates coffee craftsmanship but also plays a pivotal role in establishing vocational standards. It ensures a wellspring of talent to meet the surging demand for skilled baristas as the coffee craze continues to escalate.

Nurturing Coffee Talent

Representatives from local educational institutions, high schools, and vocational schools showcased their coffee artistry in a friendly competition. The event spotlighted their journey in the world of coffee, nurturing the next generation of baristas and enthusiasts.

Unpacking Industry Insights

The carnival didn’t just stop at celebrating the coffee craft. It provided a platform for top baristas, coffee shop owners, and coffee traders to engage in discussions about the latest industry trends. This exchange of insights helps shape the evolving coffee landscape.

Shanghai: A Coffee Haven

Shanghai stands at the forefront of China’s coffee culture, boasting the largest number of coffee shops, approximately 8,500 of them, offering diverse flavors and styles. This information was revealed in a recent study conducted by Meituan and CBN Data. Shanghai’s coffee scene is thriving, with establishments located in central business districts and bustling downtown neighborhoods.

Diverse Tastes and Trends

Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning coffee scene in the heart of Shanghai. According to Yuan Hao, a sociology professor at Shanghai University, coffee priced between 21 yuan (US$2.9) and 30 yuan is experiencing the most rapid growth and resonating with consumers. Additionally, Chai Rui, chief analyst at Meituan’s industry development division, noted that coffee infused with new flavors like tea and fruit is gaining popularity, offering a fresh and innovative twist. Consumers are increasingly seeking fresh, natural, and high-quality options for their daily coffee fix.

Brewing a Bright Coffee Future

The Shanghai Coffee & Food Carnival is a delightful reflection of the city’s deep-rooted love for coffee and its ever-evolving coffee culture. As the coffee community continues to thrive, it embraces diversity and innovation, promising a vibrant coffee future for Shanghai and its residents.

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