Smolder Shakes Things Up: Teams Disconnect in League of Legends Mayhem

League of Legends just added a spicy new champ, Smolder. But guess what? This fiery dude isn’t just making waves; it’s causing whole teams to bail out mid-game, all thanks to a sneaky bug linked to the Elder Dragon. Let’s dive into the chaos and see what’s sizzling in the world of Smolder.

Smolder’s Debut: From “Fugly Spyro” to Game-Changer

So, Smolder struts into the League of Legends scene, but not everyone’s doing cartwheels. Some folks jokingly called it “fugly Spyro,” and Riot Games even gave it a makeover. Looks aside, Smolder’s release hasn’t been the smoothest ride. Win rates are a bit meh, and players are still figuring out this hotshot. Some even say Smolder plays like a whole different role. We’re not sure where Smolder’s headed, but there’s one bug stealing the spotlight.

The Disconnect Drama in League of Legends: Smolder’s Pesky Bug

In the world of League of Legends, bugs are like little troublemakers. Smolder accidentally let one loose, causing big trouble. This bug is a game-changer – it kicks everyone on the enemy team out of the match. Picture this: you’re in the middle of an epic battle, making plans, and boom! The entire other team disappears, leaving Smolder’s squad with a free ride to victory.

Cracking the Code: Smolder, Elder Dragon, and Disconnects

As Reddit lights up with clips and tales, it turns out Smolder’s knack isn’t just fiery attacks; it’s disconnecting whole enemy teams. The bug pops up when Smolder finishes off champs while their team holds the Elder Dragon buff. Check this out: Smolder strolls into a jungle fight, ready to make the most of that Elder Dragon buff. But here’s the twist – as Smolder racks up kills, the enemy team just gives up and vanishes, making it an easy win.

Winning with Glitches: Smolder’s Secret Boost

Even if Smolder’s win rates weren’t on fire at first, this bug might secretly be boosting those stats. Imagine this: Smolder faces a team, things get wild, and bam! The bug kicks in, and the whole enemy team bows out. Smolder snags a win without breaking a sweat, giving those win rates a surprise lift. It’s a bit odd – a bug becoming Smolder’s accidental teammate in the quest for SLOTJARWO glory.

League’s Rollercoaster: Chaos to Confusion

Word spreads like wildfire about entire teams bouncing because of Smolder’s bug. The League of Legends gang is left scratching their heads, wondering if Smolder’s powers go beyond the battlefield and into the digital realm. This bug’s throwing unexpected twists into Smolder’s matches, keeping players and spectators right on the edge of their seats.

Riot’s Move: Stamping Out the Flames

Now, the spotlight’s on Riot Games. They’ve got to squash the fiery bug hanging out with Smolder. Everyone’s holding their breath for a fix, and questions pop up about what this bug will mean for Smolder’s rep and how the game plays. Will Smolder keep causing chaos, or will Riot bring things back to balance in the League?

Wrapping it Up: Smolder’s Unpredicted Story

In the League of Legends world, where champs rise and fall, Smolder’s debut is a real head-turner. From “fugly Spyro” to a bug-powered troublemaker, Smolder’s story is full of surprises. Riot Games is working on a fix for the disconnect drama, and players are gearing up for the next chapter in Smolder’s fiery tale. What other tricks does this champion have up its blazing sleeves? Stay tuned!

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