11 Must-Visit Delicious and Affordable Eateries in Bangkok

Thailand is famous globally for its tourist destinations, affordable shopping, and attractions like Wat Phra Kaew and beautiful beaches that draw international travelers. However, Thailand also boasts a renowned culinary scene that captivates visitors from Asia and around the world with its exotic flavors and rich spices.

When you visit Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, exploring its culinary delights is a must. From street-side vendors to budget-friendly restaurants with English and sometimes Malay-speaking staff, Bangkok caters to a diverse range of palates. Moreover, Muslim travelers will find a variety of seafood, vegetarian dishes, and halal restaurants, eliminating dietary concerns.

11 Must-Visit Delicious and Affordable Eateries in Bangkok

Here are 12 recommendations for delicious and budget-friendly eateries in Bangkok:

  1. Sawang Noodle

Sawang Noodle, formerly known as Bamee Sawang Noodle, offers a delightful selection of Thai-style noodles. You can choose from various toppings such as beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or crab, served with rice or Tom Yum soup. Prices start at 50 Thai Baht, and the comfortable setting is located near Central World Siam on Phetchaburi Road.

  1. Prachak Pet Jang

Duck enthusiasts cannot miss Prachak Pet Jang, where they have been serving Chinese-style roast duck since 1909. Prachak offers affordable roast duck with rice. The restaurant, located across from Robinson on Charoen Krung Road, has a simple but beloved ambiance. You can easily reach it by getting off at Saphan Taksin station and walking.

  1. Boonsap Thai Dessert

After indulging in savory dishes, explore the sweet side of Thai cuisine at Boonsap Thai Dessert. They offer puddings and cakes, with the famous mango with sticky rice and coconut milk being a top choice. Whether you prefer takeout or dine-in, Boonsap, located on Phetchaburi Road, has you covered.

  1. Tom Yam Paa Nga in Pratunam

Pratunam is renowned for its affordable and delectable street food options. For Muslim travelers, there are many halal restaurants like Tom Yam Paa Nga, known for its delicious shrimp Tom Yum soup. A bowl costs 100 Thai Baht and can easily serve two people. Find it across from Citin Pratunam Hotel, open from 7:00 PM until late.

  1. Phetchaburi Soi 7 (Ratchathewi)

If you have a fondness for som tam (green papaya salad), head to Phetchaburi Soi 7, known for its vegetarian som tam that excludes meat. This spot is perfect for a light and flavorful snack. Open during weekends, especially in the mornings, it’s incredibly budget-friendly at around 45 Thai Baht.

  1. Usman Thai Muslim Food

For those seeking halal Thai food, including crab curry, Tom Yum, and fried rice, visit Usman Thai Muslim Food on Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Watthana, Bangkok. They are open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and offer a variety of reasonably priced options for tourists.

  1. Khao Mok Gai Convent

Indulge in fusion cuisine like Thailand’s take on chicken biryani, known as khao mok gai. Khao Mok Gai Convent, located on Convent Road in front of Restoran Bua, offers this flavorful dish at 40 Thai Baht per portion of rice and 30 Baht for the soup. Note that it’s closed on Sundays.

  1. Khao Neow Dam Sangkaya

For lovers of black glutinous rice dessert like tape uli in Indonesia, visit Khao Neow Dam Sangkaya, a small stall at Silom Soi 20’s morning market serving black glutinous rice with coconut milk and custard wrapped in banana leaves. Priced at just 13 Thai Baht, it’s available in the morning from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM.

  1. Chamlong Asoke

Vegetarian travelers can rejoice at Chamlong Asoke in Chatuchak’s Kamphaeng Phet 1 area. From spring rolls to salads, this eatery offers a variety of Thai dishes starting at 15 Thai Baht. Note that it is closed on Mondays.

  1. De Yai Chuan Cheem Hoy Tod Kata Ron

For seafood enthusiasts, especially oyster lovers, De Yai Chuan Cheem is a must-visit spot. They serve omelets with oysters in a sizzling hot plate. Located on Thanon Phra Nok Bangko Noi, it offers oyster omelets at 66 Thai Baht.

  1. Laab Udon

Laab Udon on Thanon Charoen Rat, Yannawa, Bangkok, is a humble eatery serving various fish dishes. Their grilled fish, known as pla pao, is a favorite, served with a special sauce made from garlic and chili. Although priced around 200 Thai Baht, the portion is generous and perfect for sharing. The restaurant is open from the evening until late at night.


Bangkok’s culinary scene offers a delightful array of affordable and delicious options. From Thai noodles at Sawang Noodle to Chinese-style roast duck at Prachak Pet Jang, and tantalizing desserts at Boonsap Thai Dessert, your taste buds will embark on an unforgettable journey. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, vegetarian, or halal cuisine, Bangkok has something to satisfy every craving without breaking the bank.

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