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The creative Hyundai Motor Group advertising agency Innocean has launched a delicious initiative to excite taste senses and honor South Korean ramen culture. In Bangkok, Thailand, the agency built “Boggle Boggle,” a South Korean ramen pop-up shop.

Foodie Oasis at Siam Discovery: Boggle Boggle Arrival

Boggle Boggle, a ramen and culinary adventurer haven, is located at Siam Discovery, Bangkok’s biggest and most prestigious retail complex. At Innocean, travelers may experience the world of K-ramen, a South Korean cuisine staple.

Boggle Boggle Ramen Odyssey: Five Weeks of Flavor Extravaganza

The store displays 7,500 ramen varieties from four popular South Korean brands: Nongshim Co., Paldo, Ottogi, and Samyang Foods Co. from June 27 to July 31. Visitors to the pop-up shop may taste ramen dishes made using a variety of recipes that demonstrate K-ramen’s diversity and attractiveness.

Euljiro Alley Reimagined: An Authentic Experience

The store transports one to Seoul’s popular Euljiro Alley, a favorite among South Korean youngsters. Neon signs, posters, and signage honor Seoul’s busy streets in the pop-up store’s design. Moreover, this great attention to detail produces a realistic and immersive setting that immerses guests in Korean ramen culture.

Korean Cuisine in Bangkok: Authenticity Meets Culture

According to Innocean, the pop-up store is a celebration of culture as well as an invitation to enjoy a cherished South Korean ritual. It’s not only will guests be eating ramen. They will also be participating in a worldwide culinary journey that brings people together through their shared appreciation of unique flavors and diverse cultural traditions.

Innocean’s Bold Expansion: A Meaningful ASEAN Project

According to Kim Tae-yong, Vice President of Innocean, “This event is a meaningful project in that Innocean has expanded its business to the ASEAN region and directly operated the B2C customer experience space.” Innocean expanded its company to the ASEAN region and directly operated the B2C customer experience space. Innocean became a member of ASEAN in order to deepen its relationships to the diverse cultures and cuisines of Southeast Asia.

Conclusion: A Delicious Adventure

The store that Innocean is hosting in Bangkok. This is more than just a place to eat. It’s an opportunity to experience South Korean ramen culture in an environment that is traditionally Korean. When travelers check out the many kinds of ramen, they become part of a global community. They appreciates high-quality food and the sharing of other cultures.

By paying homage to South Korean flavors while cooking in Bangkok, Innocean has created a truly global dining experience. And then, the five-week journey will leave an indelible mark on everyone who chooses to participate in Boggle Boggle delicious universe.



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